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  • I’ve been super slacking at documenting this chapter of my life so far, and there’s this quote about how one day when you look back the struggle will seem beautiful so let’s try to remember what’s happening while it’s still going on…

    ART! Taking figuring drawing classes again makes me super happy- I think it’s just like how some people like doing sudokus to unwind- there is something therapeutic about trying to portray the complicated 3D human in front of you on a 2D surface that I appreciate. That and amateur painting blank canvases are keeping me artistically fulfilled.

    Father’s fancy 4 course 3 hour dinner was great and they even had this fancy dairy egg nut free dessert I could have- compressed watermelon, creamed coconut, homemade cucumber lime sorbet! Massive food baby- still managed to eat a dim sum feast with the gparents the next day though. Thank goodness for yoga- just doing normal bikram now…I miss core power -__- so besides family outings, art and yoga class, barista-ing, and studying for the GRE/grad school apps, I’m starting a new job at this tech company next week which should be good exposure to a new field, etc. And all the gap tease trips! Already went to AZ once to visit the boy (whose med school provided free tix to see Ed Sheeran which was pretty good in addition to lounging and reading at this nice resort with a 24hr pool/light up hot tub and a lazy river filled with inner tubes all weekend). Upcoming trips in the next 2 months include AZ round 2, SD reunion, NYC, and OH…should be oh so good :)

    Apart from the self doubt, anxiety about building my own path to what a successful life means to me, and other annoying emotions, I think this gap year thing is going fine so far. Right? Right!

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